2024 Genera

by SynerHy | Feb 16, 2024 | General topic

GENERA 2024 officially closed on 8th February after three days of intense work at the exhibition in halls 9 and 10 at IFEMA, Madrid. More than 500 companies participated in this successful edition, which was 25% larger than last year, and more than 24,000 m2 of exhibition space, which proves that the renewable energy sector continues its growth in Spain. After an emotional experience and a well-done job, we would like to summarise our first experience, after SynerHy’s foundation in 2022, at a well-established international trade fair such as GENERA, with our own stand alongside “BSE renovables”, our partners.

We chose GENERA to be our first time exhibitor for being the ideal framework to support the emerging renewable hydrogen industry in Spain. The latest update of the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan 𝗣𝗡𝗜𝗘𝗖 has increased the electrolysis capacity targets to 11 gigawatts (GW) by 2030, making the supply of clean electricity a huge challenge in order to achieve this goal. Hydrogen plays a key role as an independent and autonomous vector to decarbonise options where electricity is not enough.

Furthermore, the Energy Communities play a very important role in our product portfolio. SynerHy has promoted the first industrial Energy Community implemented in Madrid and is currently involved with several others.

From the very beginning of the exhibition, we faced GENERA with great enthusiasm and a great desire to promote and publicise SynerHy as an engineering and consultancy company dedicated within the renewable hydrogen sector and Energy Communities. The first day at GENERA began with the set-up of the stand, where, courtesy of our partners at “PISA Productos de Instrumentación S.A.”, we had a sample panel of a Balance of Plant (BoP) of a hydrogen decompression subsystem for a stationary fuel cell supply. Thanks to this sample BoP panel, we stood out from other stands in Hall 9 where we were located, as many visitors stopped by to find out what it was all about and how it worked. Throughout the remaining part of the day, the stand was visited by a steady flow of visitors. Many professionals within the renewable energy sector were interested in hydrogen technologies and how to incorporate them into their industrial activity, as well as the growing interest in learning more about Energy Communities.

On the second day, the whole SynerHy team was present and it was certainly the most intense one. Throughout the morning, as on the first day, many people came to learn about the operation of the Balance of Plant and about the possibilities of implementing hydrogen technologies for decarbonisation at an industrial level.  There were times when the four members of SynerHy, alongside the PISA team, were unable to manage the different groups that showed interest in the stand. Around 13:00, our colleague Sergio Martín Valbuena made the Case Study presentationUse of fuel cell based systems as power generators” in front of a keen audience that even asked several questions to our colleague. During the afternoon, which was calmer due to the smaller number of professionals, we spent more time holding meetings with the different companies and clients who had requested them beforehand.

The third and last day was less crowded by professionals, but nevertheless, there was a large number of training centres with lots of students who were very interested in learning about the ins and outs of the renewable hydrogen value chain from a more technical perspective. Just as we did with other professionals within the sector, we answered all kinds of questions raised by the students. SynerHy is delighted by the great interest of trainees who are willing to be technically oriented in hydrogen technologies. They will be the foundation of the future hydrogen economy of our country.

At the end of these three exhausting days at GENERA, SynerHy would like to thank all the professionals within the sector, clients and friends who have visited our already legendary stand 9G15. We have been able to enjoy three intense days that have helped us to expand our portfolio of contacts and potential customers that promote, along with SynerHy, projects that lead to a more sustainable and emission-free future.

We look forward to seeing you at Genera 2025!!!!!