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We promote knowledge in the hydrogen sector through customized training and courses


Due to the accelerated growth of the hydrogen industry in our country, we want to provide assistance to Spanish companies interested in entering the hydrogen universe in order to keep up to day in the most agile and holistic way.

We offer custom training tailored to the needs of each company. We cover from most general concepts, such as the introduction to hydrogen, its uses or the sustainable mobility, to more detailed technical specifications, such as the selection of materials, valves or the development of the BoP of an installation.

We also offer specialised technical training on fuel cells, hydrogen handling and safety in pressurized hydrogen facilities, installation of high pressure test benches …

We customise technical training for electric mobility applications, focused on the knowledge of different powertrains technologies such as batteries or fuel cells.

We help institutions to understand the role of hydrogen within the energy transition, in order to improve the evaluation capabilities of those projects that are presented to the different calls for public funding.

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