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Our goal is to contribute with our  work to the sustainability of the planet

Experts in the hydrogen field with more than 50 years of experience

We are a platform of experts in the hydrogen field with more than 50 years of cumulative experience. We offer solutions which help our clients to accomplish renewable hydrogen projects with maximum impact, quality and commitment.

In SynerHy, professionals and companies come together in order to dedicate all the efforts to foster the development of green hydrogen projects.

Our market insights, experience and deep-knowledge of hydrogen technologies are a key component to successfully undertake innovative projects that require an analytic vision and team-work. Values that are promoted by SynerHy.

We are eager to fulfil the needs of our clients by providing dynamism, professionalism and excellence in all the projects we help to develop.



We are not constrained by compromises with third-parties. SynerHy team is characterized by its professionalism.


All our members have chosen the hydrogen world as a way of life, beyond career.


Our client projects will be our legacy, we are therefore engaged with their vision, mission and values.


Our extensive know-how allows us to do a holistic approach to every hydrogen project. This allows us to get the most of a project and guarantee its success.


Our structure, experience and willingness guarantee the success of our projects. Being dynamic while implementing solutions is a core characteristic of our team and collaborators.


Hydrogen might not always be the right solution. At SynerHy we are committed to be transparent in every recommendation we provide to our clients.

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