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Our services are endorsed by the knowledge acquired after more than 50 years of accumulated expertise in the hydrogen industry


At SynerHy we support our clients with our integral knowledge in the renewable hydrogen field, providing them with advice that reinforces their decision-making process.

 We offer strategic advice based on market analysis and knolwdge which considers updated information regarding technology, tendencies and regulatory aspects. 

SynerHy assists companies by providing techno-economic assessments for their project proposals, offering customized solutions to find the perfect fitting for each project.

Our expertise covers the full hydrogen value-chain, from renewable energy production to hydrogen consumption.

We can advise our customers regarding different transport and storage technologies (compressed hydrogen, methanol, ammonia, Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers, etc.) and strategies, both at local and international levels.

SynerHy supports the decarbonisation of logistic fleets (from forklift to heavy duty transport). Our techno-economic models provide the insights required to conclude which vehicle might fulfill the needs of our clients by studying their daily operation.

We identify key partners in the preliminary stage of projects in order to provide added value to the project proposals.

At SynerHy we have specialists in Project Finance who analyse the project economics and investment needs for every project within the hydrogen value-chain. We support major consultancy firms and financial entities with the sectoral Due Diligences.

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