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PhotoHy, develop a Gas to Power cabinet enclosure

Dec 16, 2021

PhotoHy aims to integrate a 100% renewable and manageable electricity supply system through the use of stationary FC fuel cells coupled with photocatalytic hydrogen production modules.

It is the objective of the project to develop a concept for a modular plant that can produce photocatalytic hydrogen gas and generate electrical power with a Gas to Power system, which integrates a fuel cell stack with exchange PEM membrane technology into the plant and evaluate the mass and energy balance in the integrated plant, as well as the application of optimal solar concentration technology for Steam Generation and hydrogen production in the photocatalyst. To achieve different voltage levels according to its final use and mode of operation, the elements of the Balance of Power will be developed integrally, especially its DC/DC Converter. In stationary fuel cells, the converter does not allow for versatile applications. FC Cabinet Enclosures will also be developed, taking into consideration all ATEX security requirements, incorporating leak detection sensors attached to ventilation and gas evacuation mechanisms. Finally, in agreement with the manufacturer of the FC stack, a Monitoring Matrix will be developed to analyze the efficiency and degradation of the FC.

The project is led by our partner Inael Electrical Systems, in collaboration with other entities and technlogy centers such as Tewer, Kerionics, Universidad Santiago de Compostela y el Centro Nacional del Hidrógeno CNH2.

PhoToHy understands the importance of providing a solution that covers the entire value chain, so this project will also develop great innovations in the separation of gases from the final product obtained from a photoreactor, purification and storage of white hydrogen, and its use in fuel cells for applications in sustainable mobility (H2 to power to mobility). A key aspect of the proposed solution is that it is not connected to the power grid (off-grid), it is autonomous, producing electricity for its own parasitic consumption, it is modular and flexible, and it is also capable of utilizing residual heat for clean electricity production by integrating ORC cycles. Therefore, its price and variety of applications are enormous.

In the last call for CDTI Misiones Ciencia e Innovación 2021, PhotoHy was rated highest for SME projects (third worldwide).



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