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H2_TEST_LAB – Test facility center related to renewable H2 technology

Nov 9, 2022

The H2_Test-Lab by TECNALIA project proposes a test facility center, modular and disruptive, related to renewable hydrogen technologies in its compressed gaseous state, aimed at expanding and improving the facilities and laboratories that TECNALIA has for its testing activities and R&D technologies. The concept comprises a series of test benches designed by TECNALIA & SynerHy engineers to facilitate and streamline technological development activities.

The facility is oriented towards experimentation and testing of components and systems of the hydrogen value chain such as pressure sensors, leak detection devices, valves, injectors, tubes, hoses, flowmeters,  electrolysers, and distributors, among others. In addition, the versatile design of the test lines will allow experimentation and testing of metallic materials and polymers, compatibility studies or acoustic tests, to name a few examples. Plan PERTE NEXT GENERATION EU has funded this project.

March 7th, 2024

Within the H2_Test_Lab by TECNALIA project, SynerHy is responsible for designing a high-pressure hydrogen leakage, cycle and permeation test bench to be integrated into TECNALIA’s facilities at Donostia – San Sebastián.

This test bench will test components and materials of the hydrogen value chain with different gases (hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, e.g.) and will be able to reach test pressures around 1,050 bar.

Besides the design, a HAZOP Safety Study has also been carried out for the test bench integrated in the H2-Test Lab facilities. Once the detailed engineering has been defined, the construction and commissioning of the test infrastructure will be implemented.

The SynerHy engineering tasks are as follows:

  • P&ID diagram of the facility
  • HAZOP Safety Study
  • Plan View (Layout) showing the respective distances for the whole installation.
  • Component selection.
  • Setup of the SCADA control system of the facility.
  • Support and assembly of the BoP and the complete plant by our partner BSE Renewables.



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