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Feasibility Study for the future use of the O2 by-product from electrolysis

Jan 9, 2023

Acciona Energía has requested SynerHy to conduct a technical study of the feasibility of oxygen generated by water electrolysis in two scenarios with different electrolyser capacities, to identify the different technical solutions available within the oxygen value chain.

Identify different available technical solutions (existing technologies and equipment on the market) of the entire oxygen value chain from the oxygen outlet of the electrolyser (without debug) to deliver to the end user in three hypotheses:

  • Compressed at 200 -300 bar and purity greater than 99.2%
  • Compressed at 200 – 300 bar and purity greater than 99.6% (medical quality)
  • Liquefied with a purity greater than 99.6% (medical quality)

All this is for two different plant sizes: 2.5 MW (250 Nm3/h O2) and 10 MW (997 Nm3/h O2) of electrolysis power.



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