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Decarbonisation of a telecommunication antenna by installing a stationary fuel cell powered by H2

Jul 30, 2023

SynerHy is currently providing consultancy and engineering services within the framework of the pilot project for the decarbonisation of a telecommunications antenna, promoted by Aicox, by installing a stationary hydrogen-powered fuel cell.

To be more precise, the following tasks are being carried out as part of this pilot project to decarbonise a telecommunications antenna in the region using hydrogen technologies, more specifically by means of a stationary 5 kW, 48 VDC alkaline technology fuel cell, which will be powered by a hydrogen cylinder rack (200 bar).

Proposed tasks to be carried out would be as follows:

  • Consultancy regarding regulations, safety and licences required for implementing the pilot project.
  • Engineering:
        • P&ID flow diagram of the facility, including the Balance of Plant (BoP) placed between the hydrogen storage rack and the fuel cell.
        • Plan View (Layout) with the corresponding distances of the complete facility.
        • Selection of components.
        • Electronic installation for remote control of the facility.
        • Accompaniment and assembly by our BSE Renewables partners of the BoP and the facility.



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