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Sep 14, 2022

CTM promoted and established the CTM Energy Community, aimed at achieving shared self-consumption among more than 100 businesses operating within this logistics centre in Madrid, which has an intensive demand of power.

During this first phase of the SEnergy project, a co-planar photovoltaic system with a 720 kW power capacity will be installed on the roof, alongside the deployment of 3 public chargers with a power output of 50 kW.

The SEnergy I project has recently been awarded by the “Instituto de Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energía” within the first call of the “CE Implementa” programme to promote the establishment and start-up of Energy Communities, as well as supported by the Madrid City Council and the Community of Madrid.

The SynerHy team cooperated in all the preliminary analysis tasks, production and consumption analysis, looking for different solutions, technological partners and tax partnerships between the partners of the Energy Community jointly to TGS Edisa, amongst other activities. The project is currently at the engineering phase, prior to construction and start-up, which is under the management of CTM and SynerHy.

One of the benefits of implementing the SEnergy I project is to successfully demonstrate to its partners and to society an innovative way to collaborate in production, management and self-consumption of renewable energy, as well as providing a model to scale this solution to cover the whole CTM’s area of influence and to other industrial hubs.

Furthermore, thanks to installing semi-fast public recharging points, the project will contribute to promoting sustainable mobility in Madrid.

CURRENT PROJECT STATUS: Engineering and licenses